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Why A Rooftop Bar Is An Ideal Destination

Finding new ways to be social is increasingly important today! However, this is a task that’s easier said than done. Many places will advertise that they have a vibrant social scene, but very few actually deliver on that promise. However, there are a few places that you’ll always be guaranteed to have a good time at. Rooftop bars are a shining example of what the social scene and restaurant scene have to offer! If you’re on the fence about going to rooftop bars, we’ll show you why they’re the ideal destination for events below!

They’re A Unique Way To Get Outside

Did you know that time spent outdoors has a positive correlation with your mental health? The more time you spend outside, the better this is. However, finding ways to spend time outside can sometimes be tricky – especially if you live in a city environment! In areas where this is difficult, a rooftop bar offers a welcoming reprieve from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. The best rooftop bars will even have a scenic view of the city in question, adding some visual harmony to your time spent outdoors!

They’re A Great Place To Socialize

When you go to a rooftop bar for the first time, it’s basically a given that you won’t know anybody there. When you combine a group of strangers with delicious alcoholic beverages and a scenic outdoor environment, what do you think the end result will be? We’re willing to bet it leads to a lot of social interactions! With rooftop bars being a popular attraction, it should go without saying that they’re also great places to have new and interesting conversations. You may even meet some lifelong friends at a rooftop bar!

Rooftop Bars Offer Fantastic Drinks

If you’re looking for a spot that doesn’t just serve the same four beers over and over, a rooftop bar will be right up your alley! They offer a unique selection of beers, cocktails, and wine that aim to diversify the normal drinking palette. Some rooftop bars even have their own signature cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else! If you’re looking to try something new, a rooftop bar will have plenty of beverages that fit that bill.

Mia Rooftop Bar at Umbria

The North End’s only rooftop bar is also the one that’s the most exciting! Mia is a rooftop bar that’s a proud part of the Umbria restaurant, and it checks off all the boxes when looking at the perks it provides. If you’re looking for a nice bite to eat beforehand, our delicious steaks and Italian options will more than satisfy your palette! For a perfect combination of socialization and cuisine, make a reservation with us today!