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What Are Peppercorns?

If you were to ask any chef what the most important elements of a successful kitchen are, they would likely have a lot of different answers for you! We’re willing to bet that there are more than a few chefs that would point to spices as the most important thing. They would have a pretty good point – spices help to enhance the flavors of any dish, and some dishes arguably have them as a centerpiece! Did you know that peppercorns are one of the most widely used spices in your kitchen? They’re more familiar than you’d realize – we’ll go into more detail about them below!

Where Do Peppercorns Come From?

What if we told you that black pepper actually comes from peppercorns? Many spices around the world are homegrown, but what makes peppercorns unique is that they aren’t considered to be plants. Instead, peppercorns are tiny fruits that are cultivated in some of Earth’s more tropical regions. The way to get the most use out of a peppercorn is to dry it out and use it as a seasoning, but there are other unique ways to prepare them. It depends on what you want to use them for – and what color peppercorn you have!

Types of Peppercorns & Their Uses

There are three (or technically four) main types of peppercorns that all have a distinct use in the kitchen. What you use it for will largely depend on its color, which we’ll explain in more detail below:

  • Black Peppercorns: These peppercorns are where black pepper comes from! They’re only one of the most usable spices you’ll find in the kitchen. Believe it or not, these peppercorns start out green but turn black from repeated sun exposure. The main use for black peppercorns is to make black pepper, which can be applied to virtually any dish for an enhanced flavor.
  • White Peppercorns: White pepper is a lesser-known type of pepper that is a little milder than its darker counterpart. This type of pepper comes from – you guessed it – white peppercorns! These are just skinned black peppercorns, which means that they don’t have as pungent of an aroma. These can be added to dishes for a less impactful flavor enhancement.
  • Green Peppercorns: These are your basic types of peppercorns, as they’re ripe and uncooked. This offers a flavor that is more fresh as a spice, but that’s not the only thing you can use these for! Green peppercorns also work great as a sauce for drizzling over cooked meats.

Green Peppercorns & Delicious Italian Meat at Umbria

If there’s one thing that Umbria is known for, it’s our variety of delicious cooked meats! Whether you want a filet, wagyu, or just a standard ribeye, you’ll find that we have the most tender and flavorful options in the North End. We can even drizzle your dish with green peppercorn sauce to give it a delicious kick you didn’t know you needed! Come see what makes our steakhouse stand out from the other fantastic options in the North End by making a reservation with us today!