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Wagyu Beef vs. Regular Beef

Have you ever had trouble finding the right beef to use for your recipe? Picking this out is a lot harder than it sounds! There are multiple different cuts of beef that taste different depending on the type of cow they come from – not to mention cattle grown in unique areas of the world! A rare but celebrated type of beef is wagyu. This Japanese delicacy has made a considerable impression on the world, but how does it stack up against the other types of beef that are out there? We’ll show you what makes wagyu stand out from the competition below!

Wagyu’s Marbling

One of the qualities that makes wagyu beef such a revered option is something that the average person likely won’t know about. This is a standard known as marbling. While written to give the appearance of a verb, marbling is a word used to describe one of beef’s primary characteristics. If you look at a raw cut of beef, you may notice white flecks throughout it. This is what’s known as marbling, and it adds a ton of flavor to the meat! Wagyu’s marbling is unmatched when compared with other types of beef, adding levels of flavor that help make this cut so revered. In fact, it’s even one of the most influential points in USADA’s meat grading system!

Wagyu’s Feed

In order to get the perfect cut of meat, every detail needs to be factored into its creation. This includes what types of food get fed to cattle as they grow. When compared with grades of beef in the United States, wagyu has a fundamentally different approach to how they raise their cattle. US-based cattle live on a diet of grain and grass to get their flavor. Wagyu beef cuts out the grass for a strictly grain-based diet throughout their lives. Grain-fed cattle have been proven to yield stronger flavors for their meat, which is why wagyu beef is raised on this diet!

Type of Cow

Remember when we said that regional variants of cows have different tastes for their meat? This is another way that Wagyu differentiates itself from the competition! This beef comes from a type of Japanese cattle known as Kuroge-washu cows. This breed has more muscle fat in greater quantities than most of the rest of the world, leading to a more tender and flavorful cut of beef.

Wagyu and Italian Cuisine at Umbria

Umbria’s Italian steakhouse is home to some of the most delicious cuts of meat out there – including fresh and tasty wagyu! We also carry a host of Italian cuisines that will make your taste buds crave even more. Come see what makes our wagyu stand out amongst the crowd by making a reservation with us today!