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The Most Common Mistakes Made in Steak Cooking

Have you ever tried your hand at making a beloved recipe that you discovered online or at a fancy restaurant but discovered that the final product isn’t as good as you envisioned? It’s not an uncommon occurrence – many people struggle when trying a new recipe for the first time! As you continue to make it, you’ll learn about things you can do to make the taste even better than it was before. When it comes to steak cooking, there are a ton of pitfalls that can bar you from a mouthwatering final product. We’ll save you trial and error; we’ll go over the most common steak cooking mistakes and how you can avoid making them below!

Lack Of Understanding Of Steak Cuts

You can’t treat every cut of steak like it’s the same thing! Different cuts of steak are going to require different cooking methods, seasonings, and even preparation techniques to yield the optimal flavor. Before you even start to assemble your ingredients, take some time to do research on the cut of steak that you’re preparing. Popular recipe websites and chefs across the web will be able to help you discern the good techniques from the bad ones. The more you know about an individual cut, the easier it will be to avoid incorporating strategies that will harm its final taste. 

Immediate Transfer From Fridge To Pan

You should not be cooking a frozen, or even well-refrigerated, cut of steak – unless you give it the proper time to thaw! Transferring a cut right from the fridge to the pan or grill is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that steak cookers make. It prevents the meat from cooking evenly and makes your steak cut a lot tougher than you’d expect it to be. To prevent this, let your meat thaw for around 10 minutes before you start cooking. This will ensure that your meat cooks thoroughly and results in a tender final product.

Turning The Steak Incorrectly

An even cook means that you need to let both sides of the steak cook on the bottom, but that doesn’t mean you need to be constantly flipping it! Flipping it once about halfway through your cook will ensure that both sides are evenly tended to. If you don’t flip it at all or flip it too many times, you’ll find that one side tastes different than the other!

Delicious Italian Steak at Umbria

Sometimes, steak cooking is best left to the professionals! Umbria can cook any cut of steak to any degree of doneness you like, resulting in a final product that excels against the competition. Don’t let the common pitfalls of steak cooking consume you – make a reservation with us today to get the best possible cuts!