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A Guide To The Umbria Region’s Most Popular Foods

Anyone who is familiar with Italian cuisine knows how vast and unique it is compared to other cuisines. If you travel around to the different regions of Italy, you’ll find that the specialties of one area will be completely different from those of another. The Umbria region is considered to be the country’s “green heart”, and there’s a good reason behind it – it’s surrounded by lush forests and rolling green hills. Like its other counterparts, the Umbria region of Italy has its own set of signature dishes that you have to try when you visit. We’ll give you a guide to the best foods in Umbria below!

Anything With Truffles

Did you know that Umbria is responsible for more truffle production than any other region of Italy? The conditions and climate of the area are the perfect combination for truffles to thrive, which is why you’ll see so many truffle-based dishes in the region. Regardless of what meal you end up getting, anything truffle-based will be better than any other variant of it that you’ll find in Italy – or abroad! Black truffles are the most popular truffle in the area, but there are more than a few colors that come along with them.


This pork-based meat traces its origins all the way to the days of the Roman Empire. It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that it has become so popular in the Umbria region! You’ll be able to find this meat regularly on street corners and as a part of certain sandwiches that you’ll find at restaurants. Porchetta is a meat that is heavily seasoned and garnished to bring out the best flavors possible. Not to mention that the wild fennel grown in the Umbria region creates the perfect conditions for unique flavoring!

Pasta alla Norcina

One of the most popular towns in the Umbria region is a place called Norcia – sound familiar? It’s only in the name of the dish! One of the biggest claims to fame about the area is the delicious sausages and salami options available, which are brought together in the pasta alla Norcina dish. It has everything from truffles to unique Italian-grown pasta and grated cheese. It can even contain locally-grown mushrooms!

Italian Cuisine at Umbria

There’s a reason why our restaurant is named after the Umbria region – we offer some of the best cuisines that the area became famous for! Our Italian steaks, pasta dishes, and cocktails are the perfect embodiment of the best that Italy has to offer. Don’t just take our word for it – make a reservation with us today to experience the delicious flavors for yourself!