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A Guide To The Doneness Of Meat

Are you looking to become a meat connoisseur? You’ll have to know how you like your meat cooked first! Those who aren’t as experienced with the doneness of meat should look no further. What we mean by “doneness” is the level to which the meat is cooked. There are a few visual cues and taste-related cues that you can use to signify each level, and all are important for determining the flavor profile you like best. We’ll go over the different levels of meat doneness below!


This method of cooking steak gives it the least amount of time allotted in the oven. However, the taste it produces is well worth the short waiting period! Rare-done steaks are classified by a bright red color at its center. The center is slightly cool, and the meat is as tender as can be. Some steak connoisseurs will argue that this is when the meat is most flavorful!

Medium Rare

This level of steak is a slight cut above what you would expect in a rare steak. The meat is slightly firmer with a red color at its center that is a little bit duller than rare-done steak. Steak doneness, in particular, is also classified by its internal temperature, with medium rare steaks clocking in at around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a perfect middle-of-the-road option for those who aren’t sure of their preference.

Medium Well

There are two levels that separate medium rare for meats with a higher level of doneness: medium and medium well. There isn’t much that differentiates these two, as their internal temperature is only separated by about 5 degrees, with medium steaks hanging in at 150 and medium well ones at 155. Both steaks are classified with a brownish center and a firmer taste.


Well-done steak is completely void of any pink coloring. It has the maximum temperature internally at around 160 degrees or more, and the meat is far and away the firmest of the bunch. This type of steak is best consumed by those who like the firmest meats. In order to ensure that your meat is cooked at the right temperature, consider using a meat thermometer while you cook. You’ll have a perfect idea of when to remove it from the grill!

Delicious Italian Steak at Umbria

Regardless of how you like your meat cooked, you can count on the fantastic chefs at Umbria to consistently deliver the best quality meats! Our Italian steak is a cut above the other options you’ll find in the North End, and we have plenty of Italian cuisine, wine, and cocktail options to help support them. See what makes Umbria the fastest-rising restaurant in the North End by making a reservation with us today!